Adopt My Room

We are so proud to make Adopt My Room a core part of our business.  I got the idea from a meeting I had with the Director Of Philanthropy at our local Habitat For Humanity.  I knew before I launched The Rug Chest that the company had to have a give back component and I decided that I wanted to work with Habitat For Humanity.  In that conversation she told me that they had a program called Adopt A Room.  I thought that was really cool and decided that's what I wanted to do.  I wanted to decorate a room in a new home for a child.  After thinking about this over the next couple of days I decided that I not only wanted to do that for Habitat For Humanity homeowners, I wanted to do that for other children around the world.  So, now Adopt My Room is one of core components at The Rug Chest.  I just have one problem.  I suck at decorating, so I'm hoping to partner with organizers and interior designers that I can call on when we have a project ready to go.  The Rug Chest Will fund the room when we have funds available in our AMR Chest.

If you know of a child you believe deserves a room makeover email us at and put AMR in the subject line.  Please include your contact information and on of our TRC Ambassadors will be in contact.